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I Dislike Busy Restaurants.....

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    Re: I Dislike Busy Restaurants.....

    Originally posted by BobsPlumbing View Post
    Oh, sorry.

    No, I have not.

    You have a lot of options in your equipment. I think you might do better with something else. That may not be a 90 below. Likely to be a p-trap that could give you problems.

    Yes it is most certainly trapped just wondering about it's performance for future lines with cleanouts. I haven't used it yet.


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      Re: I Dislike Busy Restaurants.....

      Originally posted by DELCASE View Post
      Keep the 2" line full and just watch for movement
      Originally posted by Patrick V View Post
      The 2" line, if it comes from the soda drain, could be full of a jell like syrupy gook. I used to do maintenance at 7 elevens, and the slurpee and soda drains would be full of that stuff. What worked best for me was a shop vac.

      Yes I've encountered several snot filled lines at Subway & Dairy Queen


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        Re: I Dislike Busy Restaurants.....

        I knew something wasn't right. I guess with all the commotion/people in my way I didn't take the time to think & look things over like I should have.

        Live & learn... this won't happen again...................

        I do appreciate the help