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Ridgid Micro CA-100 use?

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  • Ridgid Micro CA-100 use?

    Has anyone actually used this handheld with the extensions to push through a 2inch line for instance?

    I mean given the size of the actual push-rod (if you can call it that) would one negotiate through a 45 or a 60, or even a sanitary tee?

    Why am I asking, I have a HVAC contractor in my area that is filing for chapter 11. Has one, with multiple extensions, totaling about 30 feet @ bargain price.

    Regardless of the bargain price though, is it even worth it to purchase or will it sit in my truck collecting dust?

    Thoughts appreciated

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    Re: Ridgid Micro CA-100 use?

    The push rod is too stiff for drains it's not what it was designed for.