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  • Jetter Hose Question

    Hey Gear, Rick, Redwood or anyone with more jetter experience than me. I currently run 3/8" x 100' from my jetter to the foot pedal. From there I have a 200' x 3/8" hose on the remote reel. What should I expect if I run that same setup but 200' x 1/4" hose reel setup after the foot pedal so I can do kitchen lines with my jetter. 9 gpm 4000 psi. I'm guessing a drop in pressure? I imagine I'd have to keep the pressure down to no more than 1500 - 2000 psi with lower gpm from the throttle?

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    Re: Jetter Hose Question

    Holy crap man....just looked at the numbers....with a 200' 1/4" hose at 9gpm you'd be looking at a pressure drop of 5650 psi. Your pressure drop as it currently stands is 1100 with 300' of 3/8 hose. Take the nozzle off, run the engine up to max and look at your pressure on the gauge....that's your pressure drop. check your pm
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      Re: Jetter Hose Question

      I wouldn't expect much more than 4-5 gpm out of that much hose. That will keep the drop in line and not off the page.

      As ben mentioned, check your total hose lenght and see what the pressure is with no nozzle. As the rpms go up, so does the gpm and so does the back pressure without a nozzle.

      1/4" will sometimes be tight on old 2" with durham fittings. I use stainless steel 1/4" braided hose as needed for the old tight stuff.

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