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6 hour jet job

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  • 6 hour jet job

    This was our 7th jet job in two weeks with our new KJ-3100:

    Mainline blockage @ a papa john's. Grease trap full, all floor drains backed up, no toilets flushing, =problems.
    Checked the parking lot, only 1 of 4 cleanings had caps and all were stuffed full of debris, cans, plastic bottles, etc..
    City c/o was a two way, ran camera back toward building, line was 1/2 pipe, 1/2 grease.
    We first opened c/o risers w/ Jetter b/c they were impenetrable with the k-60. Then set up at the city c/o and ran back toward building for about 3 hours. Pulled out items like meat thermometers, some sort of mesh crap, plastic soda bottles..... You name it, it was there.
    I'm really liking the kj-3100 slot and the RR-3000 is a beast.
    A good time was had by all!....... Well, except for the manager when he signed my invoice

    I'll try to get some before, during, and afters posted.

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    Re: 6 hour jet job

    6 hours is a very long time for a jetting call. Of course a larger machine with more flow would either make it go faster, or more of an inital mess. I had 2 jobs today and it took a mere few minutes to penetrate a heavy root stoppage at 79' out with no blow back into the house or cleanout. But I was using a 3/8" nozzle at 4000# and 12 gpm.

    The second one was a matter of seconds to blast the roots at the 18' mark.

    The trick with grease is to emulsify the grease or you'll plug up the line with chunks. Of course bottles and utensils need to be removed.

    Hate to think what 6 hours cost them.

    Time for a bigger jetter.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: 6 hour jet job

      I agree about the bigger jetter. It has taken me 6-1/2 years to convince the owner to get these. (KJ-3100 and kj-1750) I feel like they will pay for themselves fast enough that I can convince him to get a good trailer jetter. The 3100 in two weeks and 7 calls has already broughtin over $2600.
      We would have probably been done sooner if the head would have not continued to go into a eye for the adjacent unit. (shared main) the bottles and cans were pretty tricky to pull back from 150' but, the camera says we got them all.
      Right no we only have the heads that came with the machine, what nozzles are your "go-to" nozzles for a machine with my specs?
      Thanks Rick


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        Re: 6 hour jet job

        objects in line = pita. neglect line = big bill at emergency call and store useless for hours while clean out decades of crap. get what they ask for.

        educate them that you can come jet every six months and they won't have the issue of a shut down store again. works well for everyone; steady easy job for ypu that is not an emer call and can be done when you are already in the area. predictable budgetable expense for them, less chance of store inop, and schedulable for them for low customer impact times/days. win/win. and you'll get all the little stuff from them too.
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          Re: 6 hour jet job

          Yes, I was going to contact the franchise owner about a PM semi-annually.


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            Re: 6 hour jet job

            Hey 26.....did you guys have to change the turbo on your root ranger? what kind of pressure do you get at the pump with that thing?
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              Re: 6 hour jet job

              Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
              Hey 26.....did you guys have to change the turbo on your root ranger? what kind of pressure do you get at the pump with that thing?
              It is as it was from them. The gauge reads 3000 psi w/ the root ranger. As far as changing the turbo, I'm not so sure what you mean.