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Jetter VS Rodding

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  • Jetter VS Rodding

    So the 2" kitchen galvy line I replaced the other day showed it's age and was almost completely filled. The owners said the pipe had never backed up but I replaced it because another section of it was split. Anyway....we have some thought on what works and what doesn't. So here's what I did.....cut the pipe in 2) 18" pieces and use a k50 with a straight and bent cable with a 1-1/2" clogchopper. On the other pipe I used a 2gpm 1500 psi electric pump with a 4r nozzle as it's my most commonly used nozzle.

    Both went through the pipe fairly easily. However the cable did a much better job overall. The jetter just didn't move the scale but honestly neither did the clogchopper. I really thought the clogchopper would've done better. I used the electric jetter for this test because it's what I would pick for jetting a kitchen drain.

    What was clearly shown was the trench on the bottom that is easily confused for missing bottom of a pipe. So is the jetter useless? I don't think so but it's definitely the bottom of the list for drain cleaning equipment. I used it yesterday to prep a kitchen line yesterday for a camera inspection. The jetter actually did a bang up job cleaning the soft sludge out and cleaned the line so well that my camera came back super clean. So this is what I learned.

    -If the bottom looks like it's gone...I better check twice.
    -If it's sludge....go with either one
    -If it's scale....cable is probably better.
    -A bent cable doesn't guarantee full cleaning by the cutter head scraping around.
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    Buy cheap, buy twice.

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    Re: Jetter VS Rodding

    Wonder what a forward rotor only would have looked like. Especially after those horror photos from your jetting safety link looked like.

    On a straight short branch run, I use a spray wand with a rotor to blast downstream. Lots of overhead pipe runs are just 3' off the main. A front rotor and spray gun makes it look new at 3000+#.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Jetter VS Rodding

      I used a 2.5 turbo on it as well. Nada. Something interesting is I was able to push it forward under 1300 psi. I think to be a real test I should try the bigger jetter with 1/4 hose and see what that looks like.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.