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The 1-1/2" Cast Iron Drain Cleaning Question (again)

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    Re: The 1-1/2" Cast Iron Drain Cleaning Question (again)

    Originally posted by Hydra-Glide View Post
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Size:  82.9 KB I forgot to add that plumbers tape holds the 2" pipe in place, but an illustration will explain it.
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      Re: The 1-1/2" Cast Iron Drain Cleaning Question (again)

      You're welcome. I'll stretch it to say, tools are god.
      Yea, Marin County is Harley country... ... so's the state of Maine, I've been told. I can see why Norcal wants to split from So. Cal. A friend of mine that owns an asphalt company here, owns a home up in Humbolt Co. He said that it's not uncommon to see flat-bed trucks in town, getting supplies, and having plastic-flats of marijuana seedlings on board. And not stake-bed either. NORML is the norm up there.
      Bart was the one who told me how to set that cable-oiler up, and the code book doesn't specify whether to use light-tape or heavy-tape, so you're on you own in that aspect.
      Still haven't snaked the tub line yet. There's so much to do around here, that once I have what I feel is a solid solution to a problem, then I'll move on to more urgent repairs.
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        Re: The 1-1/2" Cast Iron Drain Cleaning Question (again)

        I removed the tub stopper and trio lever and spring rod. There was only 1/4" of air-gap between the top surface of the drain and bottom surface of the stopper. I extended the trip rod length an 1/8" and now the stopper has 3/8" air-gap at the highest edge of the stopper.
        Then I removed the overflow plate, trip rod, stopper assembly from the shoe (Kohler brass) and ran 10' of 1/4" General cable with fixed coil into the line. After getting past the 1-/12" cast iron p-trap, I hit no obstructions, and retrieved no hair. There's a combination wye and confluence of waste and soli lines all with 10-12" of each other, that pick-up a kitchen sink, and tub back to back. The lav. sink and closet (toilet are on an opposite "plumbing"" wall. The lines that get affected over the years are the tub, then left limping for any period, will cause the kitchen sink to back up. In the past, 5/16 snaking through the kitchen sink will release water from a backed-up tub.

        Putting the tub stopper assembly back together and running tub water to partially-fill the line, then turning the water off and seeing the tub water drain quickly, leaves me to believe that the the obstruction to the tub drain is further down the line, as leaving the water on longer and letting the line fill, causes the tub to start draining slowly.

        Might be time to call Pacific Drain for a main line cleaning. Ones never been done, because the toilet has never backed-up in the past.


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          Re: The 1-1/2" Cast Iron Drain Cleaning Question (again)

          I would stop messing around with the tub and run my 5/8 eel cable through the kitchen drain and be done with it


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            Re: The 1-1/2" Cast Iron Drain Cleaning Question (again)

            "5/8 eel cable through the kitchen drain and be done with it.
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            The kitchen drain line is the one that usually clears it. 5/16 is the biggest cable I have. I might try the new self-sharpening scaling "ball", or call Pacific Drain and have every drain line in the cottage cleaned, mainline and branch lines. Thanks for the tip.


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              Well, I finally had Pacific Drain go through the vent stack for the kitchen with a Spartan 100, which is probably a 3/8th and in doing so free-up the tub drain. What did the cable pull-back..... a hair-ball ! Reason? The kitchen 2" connects to a 4" soil line combination-Tee. Where they junction is where debris collects. My 1/4" cable was only poking a hole in the mass. When in doubt, climb on the roof and drop a 3/8 cable down through a vent line, and teach "hair" a lesson that it will never forget.