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Plumber's helper strikes again

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  • Plumber's helper strikes again

    Service at 6-plex. Worked for ~ 15 years. Knockout plug left on end of 4" ABS. Had a chunk broke out of it, like it plugged up right away and someone poked it with a snake. ~ 60% of flowpath blocked. I keep finding these incredibly messed up things that somehow worked for a long time. Makes me think that drainage systems are, really, shockingly robust.
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    Re: Plumber's helper strikes again

    I see it all the time in shower drains. The tileman or plumber never fully cuts out the 2" rubber or plastic test plug. Yet it drains enough to use the shower. Ive even had to pull out rubber expansion plugs that were floating around in the line for 15 years.

    Great thing now with cameras, there's no more guessing.

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