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Warthog nozzle lost and found in city manhole.

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  • theplungerman
    Re: Warthog nozzle lost and found in city manhole.

    Awesome story, thanks.

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  • Warthog nozzle lost and found in city manhole.

    Had a once in a lifetime lost and found jetting job today in culver city, calif. my fairly new $800.00 3/8'' warthog nozzle broke off while jetting a 6'' lateral today. all of a sudden my pressure dropped and sounded like the hose burst. thinking i'll pull it back, swap hoses and continue. problem was my hose was intact, but the only thing connected was the threaded nut , cleanly broken off the shaft of the nozzle. wtf, how did that happen?

    I decide to run my seesnake down the 6'' lateral and into the 8'' main to see if I can find my nozzle. 26' to the 8'' city saddle and 101' to the manhole. didn't see it. figured i'll try calling the city sanitation dept and see if they can jet the line and possible bring it back to the manhole.

    Andre and Jaime show up within 15 minutes of my call to their office. pulled the manhole about 8' deep. a large wad of roots were lodged in the outlet. they put their grit catcher to grab the debris and sure enough my $800.00 nozzle is in the pile.

    tried to buy them lunch, but they can't take it. so maybe i'll surprise them with pizza 1 day.

    called chris at aj colemen for some help. chris who is their service guy has never seen or heard of this happening. he thinks stoneage might cover the repair.

    next call to stoneage in the morning.


    nothing like pulling back the hose and finding just this on the end. the rest was gone.

    there it is. mixed in with the roots. not a bad first catch.

    look at the sheared off shaft. oil still inside that controls the rotation speed.

    Jaime and Andre. they were more excited than me when I told them I was going to write about it.

    off to another job.

    thanks guys, I owe you 1.
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