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pretty good deal for a 5k jetter

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  • pretty good deal for a 5k jetter

    This is a pretty good deal for a 5k pressure washer that would make a nice portable jetter with some jetter hose and tips added to it.

    I like this one also.
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    They're pretty good people ..I bought a camera from them about a year really good .for under 3 k out the door.200'cable small head, I bought some skids off ebay to give it the self leveling effect..only thing is it doesn't have a distance counter but o well


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      That's a decent deal on the 4200 PSI unit. Great engine, good quality pump. (AR pumps aren't what they used to be, but what is?) That ePay unit has a Comet pump. I've been working on pressure washers for decades and I still don't have anything nice to say about Comet pumps. Some folks love 'em, you can't run fast enough to give me one.
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