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got a new k60 on the way!!

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  • got a new k60 on the way!!

    ordered a brand spanking new k60 this afternoon, with 7/8" cables and all the bells and whistles and extra cables!!

    started the drain cleaning business a couple months ago and things are going great! started off with a used 1500 from craigslist a small 1/4" drill machine and my old 3/8" drum machine and little else besides liability insurance and a new llc. got a great helper also.

    in just a few short months, we are up to half a dozen jobs a week, picked up a used van today {will be nice not to have to use our personal trucks}, and decided to get a spare machine in case we had a problem so we wont have to turn down any work and the k60 was my pick as Rick says you just point the mighty k60 in the general direction of the property, and it does all the rest. wasn't going to get it for another couple weeks, but the folks over at draincables said there was a special from ridged that if we bought the machine, they would throw in 4 sections of cables!!

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    Congratulations, welcome to the club. If you're use to the 1500, the k60 is very similar in operation.

    your go to cutter is a spiral root saw. Forward rotation it cuts, reverse rotation it grabs like an auger.

    also get some 5/8" sectional cable and you'll toss away your drum.

    read some of the k60 threads for the tips and tricks.

    good score with the spring fling promotion. 4 cables on the house is a deal.

    phoebe it is