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K-1 Combination Auger Giveaway

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    Thanks Josh,
    FedEx just dropped mine off.
    My faith in Santa has been fully restored and his name is Josh.
    Believe me when I tell you, I'll be putting it to the test.
    Pictures to follow.

    Arizona Plumber


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      Ok folks... now that everyone has em. What do you think of the unit? What applications have you used it on? How has it performed?

      Have you used it with the Drill yet (make sure its in low gear ;-)


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        I was just thinking of writing in about the Auger.

        Haven't had a urinal call since New Years. Hope to use it soon.


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          I have used mine a dozen times, and used it with my Milwaukee M12 right angle drill (only low speed setting), and it has preformed much better than the other brand urinal auger. It went through the trap with minimal resistance and quickly cleared the blockage.

          The only thing I would improve on is the part on the handle that holds the cable, it seems to be to big and doesn't secure the cable as nice as the toilet bowl augers do (K3 and K6). I'll try to get someone to record me using it next time out so I can post pictures and short video.
          Ron Hasil Lic #058-160417
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            Still waiting on a wall hung urinal my last 2 have been floor mounts. I agree with Ron about the cable holder.


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              Josh, did you get the picture I sent?


              • Josh
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                Nope... could you email them along with your address to josh.sooy "AT" please just replace the "at" with &

                Thanks, Josh

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              Ok... so its been a couple months. Lets hear how they worked 4 ya. I know NH had a cable get caught up on his 6th job and have heard some good things from SewerRat. Looking for any other stories or thoughts.

              Thanks! Josh


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                used mine at a high end burger place during the world cup. worked like a charm and managed to get a burger and drink while watching the shoot off tie breaker.


                see this thread

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                phoebe it is


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                  Had an early, early, morning call for a Key Account in Casa Grande a couple of days ago.
                  A 90 mile + round trip from the shop.
                  I found the urinal draining, but really slow. Grabbed the K-1 and in less than two minutes
                  It was free flowing. I wash off my still like new K-1 and get back on the Freeway and head back to town.

                  Driving back I had two hours to kill before my next call. So I decided to stop for the breakfast special at the Lone Butte Casino, ($3.99). After breakfast I still had an hour and a half wait and decided to set in the Sports bar and watch the news on the big screens. Well....... They have these Video Poker machines.

                  A few hands in I'm dealt 3-7's and on the draw I catch the 4th 7 for a $250.00 payout. Great. With that I've doubled my service call. So................... I decided to play my wins down to a $250.00 cash out, and get out of Dodge.

                  I've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words............................ at a Dollar a Word, is what?

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Dealt Aces with kicker.jpg
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Size:	1.52 MB
ID:	18890

                  Four thousand words.......
                  I was so nervous trying to take the picture that I couldn't get the hand in the picture.
                  About 5 hands after getting the 7's the machine dealt me 4 Aces with what is called a kicker,
                  and the machine locks up.
                  BTW. It pays the same as a Royal Flush.
                  After getting paid, I got the he77 out of Dodge.

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                  Why does the pic keep disappearing?

                  For now its the best I can do
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                  • PLUMBER RICK
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                    literally just got a call a minute ago. plugged floor sink at the dish washing area. told them they should have called 30 minutes earlier as i just took joey and phoebe out to Titos tacos. that was a fluke as the Italian pizza place I've been going to for over 40 years, just closed it's doors. so they want to wait till Monday for some reason. just as well. manager gets there at 9 am. and doors open for service at 11:30. told him i'll be there at 11:15 and be ready to eat a burger at 11:30. now that's a full house it there ever was 1.

                  • ArizonaPlumber
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                    Well Rick, I mentioned to the bride that you thought the burgers were better than cash.
                    She told me to inform you that the best burgers are served on the open sea, and for just $500 of my remaining $1000. I could come along with her and sample one for myself. Ahhhhh! In room dining, sitting on the balcony eating a hamburger. Ain't life grand.

                  • PLUMBER RICK
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                    actually i got to agree. your wife is right. wait till next april and you can join us to the western Caribbean. ships got an ice skating rink, rock wall, wave machine and of course burgers 24/7. Departs from Galveston Texas. we can call it the western roundup ya mon.

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                  Had a call at a 60 year old car dealership, the urinal and flush valve are just as old. So I didn't feel like pulling this unit apart. Busted out the K-1 used my Milwaukee right angle M12 drill on it in about a minute or so I had the whole thing out and the urinal flushing like brand new.

                  I got a free oil change while I was clearing the urinal plus my service call. Hopefully next urinal I do I will have a helper with me to take some pics and a video.
                  Ron Hasil Lic #058-160417
                  A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing specializing in:
                  Tankless Water Heaters | Drain and Sewer Cleaning
                  Sump and Ejector Pumps | Backflow RPZ Testing


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                    So far I used it on a bathtub with a 2" trap arm. My access was from the W&O. The job was fast and easy and operated as it should have. I'm sure I would have had the same results with a 1 1/2 trap arm.

                    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

                    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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                      No stories. Yet.


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                        Thanks for the updates folks. Glad its working for many of you.


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                          I finally had my first opportunity to use the K-1 auger on a wall hung urinal today. After several attempts it went through the trap and out the full length.

                          Woo Hoo !!!