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Anyone use Enz nozzles?

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  • Anyone use Enz nozzles?

    After a quick search, I found Bryce uses the Enz chain flail/scraper nozzles. I was wondering if anyone else has used or owned them? There will be a sales rep in my area next week and he wants to demo the nozzles. I purchased the 3/8" Root Rat by Chempure a while back. My problem with it is that it doesn't use turbines to turn/twist the nozzles, just the force of the jet spinning in the pipe. As soon as there is any resisitance, the nozzle stops spinning, thus your chain/wires are not cutting roots or cleaning anything, it's just a jet spray. Fine for grease/flushing, won't cut roots! My jetter is 7gpm 5kpsi with 150' of 1/4" line and 200' of 3/8". I don't have the gallons for any chain nozzles in 3/8", but the enz 1/4" might work. I work with 2" to 4" lines, can't see myself in a line bigger than 6" without a trailer jetter. I have considered changing my pump for higher flow/less pressure as I do have a 35hp Vanguard engine. I know Plungerman has the KEG nozzles and those aren't cheap, if the guy is willing to come to me to demo, I'm sure his nozzles aren't cheap either. Should I just forget chain nozzles and get a root ranger? Would I be better off buying a chain flail for my K60 and following with a jetter nozzle? As you can probably relate, the worst feeling is buyer's remorse, and I definitely have that with the Rootrat.

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    How much money ya got? It always comes down to that doesn't it? It sounds like your current set-up gets plenty of use although you are not necessarily all that happy with it. I would make sure he demo's the nozzle on your equipment. You might want to put some pipe together with a typical obstruction and see how his stuff performs.


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      Maybe you should try the root ranger. I use one with a 13hp jetter and cut roots all day up to 6" with no problem. Here's a before and after video. Basically the root ranger works so well that I can't justify getting a bigger jetter.

      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        i've got more nozzles than i can count, but it boils down to a few that get used. roots are my #1 job.

        the root ranger is the least expensive with the biggest bang. it does require some hose twisting, but it makes a warthog look like a kids squirt gun. cost 1/3 of a warthog and requires no maintenance.

        phoebe it is


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          A good chain flail like the one enz sells is more Spendy, looks good,,, than the 1170.00 keg (the one I have),,,,, you need around 10 12 gpm before you can rock it. I bought 6 from enz,,,, Great company. They stand behind their nozzels
          Your only choice as far as I know is the root ranger. Now get ready for some twisting and blow back. I


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            1170? Your nozzle cost more then my jetter!
            Buy cheap, buy twice.


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            Thanks for the input. Glad to hear they make a quality product; I'll wait to hear from the rep and see if I can figure out a good test for the nozzle. I've never doubted the power of the rootranger; I've used turbo nozzles on pressure washers for years. Simple concept, I'm sure it works great. I've hesitated buying it because it looks like a hook and something that would get stuck. Of course, at this point, it's proven itself and get the nod here, so that makes it a more comfortable buy. I know the KEG nozzles are expensive, I doubt the Enz are much if any cheaper. If anyone wants to buy a 3/8" root rat, pm me!