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How much cable do you carry in your drum.

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  • How much cable do you carry in your drum.

    It getting time to order some new cable, and I been kicking around an ideal changing what length of cable I want to carry. I use a Ridgid K 7500 and have 75 ft. 3/4 general IC loaded and just add eel 1 1/4 sec. cables when I need more length or stick another 75 ft cable on. The 75 ft will get about 90% of my jobs but I like to run the whole line out to the street. I started using 75 ft when I was working by myself to keep the wight down, but now that my son works with me I'm thinking I can handle more say 100 ft IC. loaded and extra cable. A 25 ft or 50 ft tag along cable cost about what a 75 ft. costs ea. so I think I ruled that combo out. IM wondering how much that 1/3 rd extra cable wight is going to be. We do a lot of stair climbing and sometimes we have to lift the machine and carry it over something to get to the drain. just wondering how much wight that 1/3 is going to be. How much do You guys carry in your drum ?

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    I use to carry 125' of 3/4" innercore. Yes it ws heavy.but I was younger and not that many stairs. I also had an electric winch arm for the truck. I also carried a couple 25' sections in a tire.

    now my k60 needs no winch and I carry 90' in 1 hand and the k60 in the other. Still much lighter than the 7500 on wheels.

    phoebe it is


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      I keep 100' of 5/8th in the drum and another 100' in a tire. There is a 32" anchor and if needed a 3' leader.


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        I usual keep 25 Ft. less than I need for most jobs.
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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          I keep 112' of 3/4 in my drum . Not too many steps around here, and I use a winch to load into my van


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            125 ' in my spartan 1065...and carry an extra 50' in a spare tire in the winch man operation and let me tell u ...I feel it every time i take it off and put it back on the truck..this is the reason why I want a jetter...but the winters here are freezing cold so a sectional is my go to for outside


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              I see people say they put extra cable in a tire. Do you then fish it through the drum to add more cable in a line? I'm confused. Let's say I have 100ft of 3/4in. in a clean out and need 25ft more. How do you add more cable when using a drum machine? I'm new to the drain cleaning world.


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                Feed in your first 100'. Or as much as you can.then remove what Little cable is left from the drum.then feed in your spare from the tire into the drum make your connection feed it back in the drum to free up the slack...then Cadillac on brother

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                Sweet thanks man.

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              What machine do u have


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                Loading and unloading my 1065 is a breeze. Roll it upon the lift gate and push the toggle.
                Your back will thank you.