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    I have been seeing more and more Disposable drains being put in places away from my service area. The guys doing it use the light PVC. pipe I don't even know if it has a sched. if it has it would be like scd. 10. when it clogs they send a backhoe out to replace it with another of the same type. I have seen some places where it had to be replaced every year. I don't see how it even lasts that long they Barrie it about eight feet deep with no gravel or anything, that's 800 lb on a pipe I can flatten with my hands. I have seen a shortage of good drillers in a lot of places in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. In Ohio I had to use the bath room and on every toilet it had a sign that read out of order I knew that when one got clogged there they just put an out of order sign on it so I figured it was just in the stool, so I grabbed a plunger got it open and used it. I went back the next month and that same toilet was the only one with out a sign on it, Went on to the hotel to spend the night and the stool was clogged there, called the front desk and told them they said they would move us to another room I told them to just bring me a plunger, He did and I opened it in my PJ'S I'm thinking I ought to start carrying my toilet auger and plunger and a machine with me, when I travel if I could get them to pay or at lest get a discount of some kind. I already carry one at family get together's and weddings. I get invited to supper every time someone has drain trouble, But at lest there I get a free meal out of it. I think drilling is a dieing art. If they can dig it with a back hoe it gets open, if it's under concrete it gets a sign. The disposable pipe is outside the city limits so here they don't regulate it here.

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    i only see that with outside area drains. we call it nds or styrene. it's pure junk and i do my best with my jetter. a snake will tear up the tight turn 90's and drill right through them. last week i was called to locate a cable caught in an outside area drain. it turns out this is 7' deep under a retaining wall. the house rents out for 85,000. a month. can't figure out why they save 50 cents a foot on junk pipe and not install at least sdr 35 pipe for the area drains.

    phoebe it is