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    Hi everyone. If anyone's has experience with the K-400 I'd be keen on hearing your opinions/experience on its use for internal drains within apartments, general commercial & multi level commercial buildings. Thanks all.

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    first I do not have the K400 but do have the I the K380, model before this one, very close,

    for soft blockages it is a good machine, it is not a root machine, I think there is two different sizes of cables for it 3/8 and 1/2", the 3/8 is good for the smaller line and 1/2 for the 3" and 4".

    by no means is this a K700 (large machine, for main line use)

    really I use the K380 the least of my machines, I use a hand held drill powered unit, (it was made by Milwaukee), If doing again I would buy the Ridgid version with the power feed,
    and use my K750, for main lines, about the only time I have used the K380 is when the hand held unit will not reach the blockage,

    many on the board really like the K60 and the K50, sectional machines, (lighter and easier moving of them),
    the K380 is not excessive heavy but it will slow one down, the larger drum machine you need a helper on stairs (or is best).
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      Since you already have a k60, why not just buy the 5/8" cable kit and you'll have a much better machine that takes up no more floor space in your truck. Plus sectional cable does a better job and 5/8" cable is more flexible too.

      before I had sectional machines, I used a similar machine as the 400. I had both the 3/8" and the 1/2" drums. Those haven't been used since I switched over to sectionals over 5 years ago.

      if you do get the 5/8" cable for your k60, you might think about a k50 down the road that will also run the cable a little slower than the k60. Its also smaller and lighter than the k60.

      personally I would save my nzd and not buy the 400.

      phoebe it is


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        Thanks BHD & Rick. I love my K-60 & K-50, they both do an excellent job. I quite often have to work in office kitchens, tight bathrooms & hotels (so no roots) & thought this might be another tool in the arsenal, especially where I have to work around kitchen staff etc. *** Just found an old Forum post after googling K-400 & yeah.. I think you guys are right, I'll stick with my current line up of machine. ***
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