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Sewer camera getting rained on

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  • Sewer camera getting rained on

    Can you use a ridgid monitor and reel outside in the rain? I did today and it got poured on I know it can't be good to do. it seamed to not hurt it in any way has any body else done this?

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    Here is the deal: They are water resistant units BUT they are not water proof. Show as much caution as you can. I live in Seattle and if I didn't use the monitors outside and the locators I would have very little work. Sometimes my locators will have a muffled bad speaker sound for a few days but they bounce back after a week. I alway take the equipment out of the cases and open them up if they have doors and put them in a nice place to dry for the night. No matter how tired I am. The original dvd lcd monitor got wasted on me when it was real new so I learned, I think the newer stuff is better but still not waterproof.
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      the camera is and the countr plus is pretty water tight too. what monitor are you referring too?

      even my dvd pak is if the rubber seal for the door is closed tight. they test their stuff in a climate chamber.

      phoebe it is