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  • Warthog question

    Anyone try a 3/8 warthog with 5.5 gpm?

    Are you using the forward jet?

    What pressure is your jetter?

    What's the length of your hose?

    Did it cut roots?

    How far could the warthog pull?

    How many bends did it have to go through?

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    Hi Gear Junkie.

    Sounds like you're getting serious about building that 5.5 GPM 4000 - 5000PSI jetter - Go for it, it will do 99% of most 4-6" drains that can be unblocked with the correct nozzles. If you want it mobile 5.5 GPM is the max I would use.

    A friend is running a Hawk 5.8 GPM pump at 4300PSI & its a MONSTER! root cutter with the Root Ranger. He made the error of pulling the Root Ranger nozzle out of the drain with the machine only on idle & the jet left a bruise along his hand & he had 3 layer leather engineering gloves on. He runs 200 feet of 5/16 hose & uses 1/4 or 3/16 where needed.

    My truck has a 11 GPM at 2500 PSI & it goes well, but the pressure is somewhat low so I'm going to change out pump for a Hawk 8 GPM pump that I have & run it at 4000 PSI (no good for direct tap connections). Will be upgrading in the next couple months to 16 GPM at 4000 PSI.

    I've also been field testing my new KJ-2200 & used it again tonight on two root infiltrated 4" earthenware/clay drains with a Root Ranger nozzle. First one I pulled out good mass of roots (see picture), & second drain I cleared at connection to Council Sewer Main.

    I'm also thinking about building a second portable jetter called KJ-4300 (5.5 GPM / 4300 PSI). I'll fit it to a Ridgid KJ-3100 cart with the Ridgid reel (buy these off Ridgid without their motor/pump). It looks like the 23 HP will fit from the dimensions below & pictures I've checked. I will have to decide how to place the battery but thats easily sorted with a sealed motorbike battery that can be mounted in any position (i.e. side, upside down etc)

    The 16HP: L =10.98in (279mm), W = 16.14in (410mm), H = 17.24in (438mm) & 72 Ibs.

    The 23 HP: L = 12.52in (318mm), W= 16.02in (407mm), H= 17.68in (449mm) & 77 Ibs.

    I think a KJ-4300 on a professional Ridgid cart will look the business & can be moved around stairs & tight access areas relatively well compared to machine mounted on four wheels especially as you can remove the reel easily to lighten the load.

    I plan on building my own KJ-4300 which I'll run on BP 98 Octane & keep this in a van that I'm building up for an employee. Going to keep a good nozzle kit - 3/8 Warthog, Root Ranger, penetrating nozzle & trap negotiator. I'll run as much 3/8 hose that will fit on the Ridgid reel & use 2 of Ridgid's H-5 mini reels for 1/4 & 3/16 hose. I'll use the 3/8 hose on main drains with good access & where I have to negotiate a difficult trap the 1/4 or 3/16.

    *** Do you plan to build a unit or buy something already built? ***

    I've used a 3/8 Warthog with at various flow rates & 5.5 GPM at 4300 PSI will do well.

    PS. Below are links to approx 5.5 - 7GPM jetters running somewhere between 4000 - 5000 PSI Max. - 5.5 GPM / 4500 PSI approx - see it entering the manhole - Around 5.5 GPM / 4000 - 4500 PSI - Yum Yum Food! - Around 5.5 - 7 GPM GPM / 4000 - 4500 PSI - Spinning well

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      Wow awesome chicken video. Here's one but it's a 18 gpm and 4000 psi. You can really see the difference in cleaning ability but the 5.5gpm still gets it done.

      We don't have 5/16 hose here. One place I've found sells it is nozzteq in florida and they probably have the worst customer service ever. The guy sounds like a storefront answering the phone. is what I bought. Price wise I would've been a little over by building it myself. Talking to the pressure washer guys, alot of them use this and have 3000+ hours on them so durability is proven. Can't give a pic of the results of my root ranger....currently 4.5 gpm 3000 psi but here's a video I made.
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        I was watching your vid's last night - good result on 4.5 GPM/3000PSI, so just imagine the results you're going to get with your new machine!

        Thats a seriously sweet machine (would cost around $7-8000 in N.Z.) - can't go wrong with Honda.

        My friend just got in 3/8 Piranha & 5/16 Schieffer from the States - I've grabbed the Piranha, but comparing the two the Schieffer hose is really flexible (looks as flexible as his 1/4). I will confirm where he got the 5/16 from as hose pressure loss on a 5.5 GPM would only be 300 or so PSI per 100 Feet so with a 5000PSI machine you're going to still have some serious flow/pressure at the nozzle.

        He's going to test its durability & if it holds up, I'll run this on my KJ-4300 instead of 3/8.

        What nozzles are you going to use? If you don't aready have them, I would recommend using extension piece if jetting 6" drains to stop RR coming back.

        You've made a good choice in your next step up - just check out some of these Aussie sites & you'll see that they sell heaps of machines with your specs or less.
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          I currently use a root ranger and a 3/8 warthog. Root ranger goes in first and cuts roots at specific areas then the warthog goes in for 2 passes to clean the pipe and make it look nice. I'm thinking if the warthog is really that good, I'll use it on the first pass then go go back with the ranger just to focus on the thicker roots. I use the root ranger in 6" alot without an extension, never had an issue. In fact last week the root ranger out performed a US Jetter. Another plumber was jetting out a line once a week with a 4018 and didn't get it as clean as I got it with a root ranger and a shop vac.

          At 4.5 gpm 3000 psi 200' of 3/8, my warthog is jetted with 035 all rear.

          At 5.5 gpm 5000 psi, I need 020 front/035 rear OR 038 all rear.

          I just bought the 020 and 038 nozzle from AJ to try out with the warthog.

          Your friend with the 5.5/4500....if you don't mind could you forward him my questions and post what he says? Or even better, have him sign up!
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            Hey dats, can you get a part number on that 5/16 hose? thanks
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              Hi Gear Junkie. Mate is planning on getting a Warthog. I might loan him mine. He built 3 stainless reels stands & bolted on reels (Reelworks or US Rapid reel). He runs 200 feet on each of 3/16, 1/4 & I think he's putting the 5/16 on the 3rd reel. We've compared the 5/16 hose that he has to the Ridgid hose that came with my KJ-2200 & they appear & flex the same. He did a Septic system last week using 5.5 GPM at 4300 PSI & 3/16 hose & it cleaned out the system quickly without fuss (another contractor wanted to charge the customer another $3000! on top of a previous clean out). He then CCTV'd the drain & found the cause of the customers repeated blockages - 8" drop in pipe section.

              He currently uses Root Ranger, penetrating nozzles with rear & forward jets from the Aussie Mustang 1/4 nozzle kit - you can see a lot of the nozzle options on those websites.

              We're both thinking about running 5/16 for 4-6" lines & 3/16 for smaller lines & a 50 - 70 foot 1/8 whip hose for really small lines. The Schaeffer 5/16 seems to have good flex close to the crimp fitting which is important to us when going around traps.

              It gets a really good loop & will negotiate traps really well, but he did kink it over when he first unbundled from the box. He only laid part of it out & he wasn't quite paying attention to the loops & pulled it too tight - its a balance of flexibility versus stiffness. I think the 3/8 Piranha is too stiff at the crimp end & I'm probably going to have to hand feed it on PVC gully traps - I can easily push the Ridgid (think its Schaeffer as well) into a trap. I used their smaller 3/16 to travel approximately 25 feet through 1.5" PVC around five 90 degree bends.

              Now on the question of where he sourced the Schaeffer 5/16 hose. He got it from - poor service with the order going missing to Florida for a while & All Star not making any effort to keep him informed - he had to chase them up.

              He thinks All Star placed the order to their suppler who then shipped it direct as it came with no All Star Receipt or Packing Slip & had the following Slip:

              Schaeffer Co International LC
              8545 Knap Drive
              PO Box 13

              Tel: (563) 583 4758
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                Fantastic stuff man! Thanks!
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                  Thinking about trying Warthog WU - No bearing or fluid -

                  Heres how to maintain & change head for different flow rates

                  I was looking at ordering a new Warthog & will see if my local agent can get one of these in.

                  Hopefully not a gimmick like the 1/4 Warthog was.
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                    Don't do it! 1 thing is the 3/8 WU is no longer available. The other thing is I have the warthog 1/4 and its a $400 paperweight.
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                      Thanks for the feedback - it does look like a bigger version of the 1/4. Looks like I got a bit carried away when I saw their Youtube video & just clicked the WU articles are archived. I'll get my order in for the good ol WT.

                      By the way other place you might be able to source 5/16 is

                      I don't think they advertise the 5/16 on their site, but neither did All Star - I've emailed them to see.


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                        Here's my video of the 1/4 warthog Already on the ball with the 5/16 jetter hose!
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                          Where have you managed to source from & what $?


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                            Looking at a few places but because of the 4th of july, everything has to wait till monday. I'll let you know for sure.
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                              Ok so just placed the order with I talked to Amanda H. 200'x5/16 with 1/4 ends is costing 240 plus 50 in shipping. Will be getting sent out in a week. part number is 686200018

                              On a side note the warthog nozzle is the same spec at 5.5 4000 and 5.5 5000.
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