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  • jetting upstream

    Ok i will humble myself and ask this dreaded nozzles to use jetting from an outside c o towards house? Rear nozzle s? What if there were roots? Can u use a rr?what preventive measures can I take to avoid a flooded basement ?and ticked off homeowner? Lol...4gpm @4000 psi ...jetter...or just play it safe and jet from the inside??

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    Actually it's better to jet upstream if the layout will allow it. This way all the blow back will go downstream and not back into the house.

    best is to camera the line first and see the layout, if feasible first.

    a root ranger is always the most aggressive of the nozzles.

    phoebe it is


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    Yes I agree, jetting upstream is the way to go sewermonster more so important with smaller flow units like our cart jetters. I would typically use an all rear jetting nozzles. We don't have basements out here, but it definitely helps to walk through the house if possible in order to get an idea of he layout so to not come up a toilet. Dang, nothing like jetting from a septic tank inlet and bringing all those heavy grease logs from people who treat their drains and disposal like a garbage can


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      Thanks shooter


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        Yea out here its 50 50basements or slabs.sometimes we get lucky and actually get a cleanout outside.