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    As u all know what happened to me the other day , I was thinking about a back up.Buddy of mine selling a hathorn brand camera.its am older one and has the TV vcr monitor..the price is right I just don't know if the cam can be repaired or get parts for anymore. Maybe u guys would know more..any input ? Thanks again.

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    Since second had Ridgid CCTV gear only comes up for sale online in NZ once every 6 - 12 months at best I thought why not test out the quality of the Chinese CCTV units, & bought a 40m (you can get a 50m) with sonde.

    It cost me a total of $1300 NZ Dollars landed & with 15% NZ tax. It will negotiate pipes down to 50mm (not traps) & has a 7" screen with really good definition & bright lights. The cables thinner & a lot stiffer than Ridgid, but it usually pushes all the way out.

    It records to a memory card (not USB) & the recording system is a bit average - I'd rather use the AV/Video outputs on it to record to a better $200 - $300 recorder bought locally.

    The sonde isn't as strong as Ridgid's - probably only good to several feet max using the Ridgid Scout locator.

    I only bought it to see how far off the Chinese where compared to Ridgid & I wanted a temporary back up unit until I could afford to buy another Ridgid system.

    Love my Ridgid CCTV system & Ridgid is still miles & miles ahead, but for a cheap back up I was pleasantly surprised with the Chinese unit.