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  • k 375 cleaning machine

    just tried to clean out my main sewer line and was successful in opening up the drain.
    However when I was reversing the cable back into the drum, the line got kinked up and now I cannot move the cable frontwards or backwards.
    Part of the cable is still in the sewer line.
    I took the drum off and tried to manually free the kinked cable to no avail. Is there a way to remove the cable cover and unkink the line?
    any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Not to sound rude or condescending, but this is what often happens when inexperienced DIY'ers rent a drain machine and think they are an instant Roto-Rooter man. Sometimes even much worse happens, such as serious injuries resulting from kinked and stressed cables and drums. But I digress.
    About the only thing you can do if you can't get the drum to feed forward and backward at all anymore is take the rest of the cable out of the drum carefully and slowly, stretch it out along the ground and un-kink the cable and feed it in the drum slowly again and then feed the rest that's in the line back into the drum. If you can't do this because the cable keeps kinking as you removed more from the drum then you may be forced to cut the cable and pull out what's in the line.
    There may be a better way but I'm not aware of it. I've had cables kink up on me before but never to the point that it was unmanageable with drum movement. When feeding or retrieving cable one must have a "feel" for it and know when to stop the drum and work it out.