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  • CPVC Pipe Drain Cleaning

    I have an important client that is concerned about our CPVC pipe selection for their plant process drains. Their main concern is that this pipe will not last under their once a week mechanical snake cleaning using double blade cutters. Their expected discharge is 180ºF water with sugar and corn syrup dissolved. Cast Iron pipe was not used for fear the sugar could corrode it.

    Any experience with snake cleaning CPVC?
    Ruben C.

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    One question......why did you use CPVC instead of regular ABS???


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      I hope this reply finds you in time since the date of your post is of some age.

      Last winter I helped a very large beverage and food manufacturer update one of its processing plants to allow for the addition of newer and larger equipment. One of the things we had to do was to install new drains under a 28" slab. (not a typo)

      They too used 180 degree water for wash down and had large amounts of sugar and starches going through these lines. In addition there is an occasional acid bath to keep the lines sanitary.

      We used Schedule 80 CPVC DWV. It is grey in color and looks similar to the grey schedule 80 PVC but slightly lighter in color. I have used this in the same plant several times before and it does not warp or deteriorate over time do to the heat of the medium passing through it or from the nature of the acids used to keep it sanitary.. The cost for fittings will leave you gasping for breath and you wont want to keep these in stock, but the durability of this pipe for the application you have suggested is second to none.

      One note of caution if you have never used schedule 80 cpvc before. DO NOT use an abrasive cut off saw or any other fast cutting power saw that will create very fine particles of this pipe as it will make you quite sick if you inhale the tailings. I used a reciprocating saw or a hand saw for every cut. It required a bit more work but one or two whiffs of the tailings from a chop saw and you will understand why.
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