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  • Just bought my first home

    i just bought my first home in San Juan and less than 2 months in I get a flood .... black water !!!!! Fml !!!! Single story 3bd2ba Wife was in tub said heard toilet bubble I kinda laughed thinking no way sure as **** flushed it starts overflowing got plunger blow out wax ring leaking at base now went to look for auger then thought where could I get lower fixture to drain outside (no clean out ) then remembered shower ran to back of house overflowing over curb , wife gets out of tub tub goes into drain out fixtures , trying to contain water , base boards are higher than floor big gaps water running into walls , then washer dumps cycle here we go again , get water cleaned cable from toilet cable get stuck it's now 1:30 am go to bed way too angry next morning go out into back area of house ,single family zero lot line unattached homes back up into large culdesak shared by all homes , find clean out on other house look around mine find depression in asphalt , start chiseling out asphalt 3/4" thick find cast lid run camera 7 feet out in common area but it's only my line to main sewer sdr35 separate from 45pvc fitting 3" gap between but no real offset just cavity to catch a million wet wipes from previous owner , 10.5' deep , called hoa plumber thinking that it was theirs to fix weekend overtime call , hoa now says it's my problem drew up lot lines saying I own it now I have somewhere between 15-18k in waterdamage and rebuild ,asbestos abetment not including fixing sewer line . If I go with Servpro or another I'm out my house in hotel wife 3 kids 1yr 8yr 9yr 75lb pitbull for at bare minimum 1 month likely 2 both bathroom flood cut out tub out drywall behind it all flooring and half my kitchen cause it got in wall
    merry ****ing Christmas

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    That's why you have insurance. Some insurance will even cover your sewer main repairs.

    couple of questions?

    Why did you not run a camera into the sewer while you had a physical inspection period window? This is something that is done on 99% of real estate transactions out here.

    Honestly, why did you bother with a plunger or closet auger when you saw it was a common stoppage from multiple fixtures? The tub and laundry still dumping water.

    Your home insurance policy should cover the damage caused by the stoppage, but not the plumbing repair. Did you call them? What did they say?


    phoebe it is


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      First cause I'm a ****ing moron
      ive got two seesnakes and I thought about pulling a toilet and running a camera but everything moved so quickly and so much high pressure during this sale, as well as lack of experience this market is on fire
      I only saw toilet when using plunger auger didn't think of checking others , got sick from kids and was trying to juggle too many jobs yes I have insuarance but this still sucks a fat one I just wanted to get my lights up on new house I'll probably just get select to shoot a liner , not sure about how I can get into st we will see


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        Will a liner fix a 3" gap like that? I'm no expert on lining but I thought you still least had to have some some solid pipe to make it work especially at a turn.


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          Congratulations on your first house, we love San Juan it's just a chill town. Sorry about the plumbing issues brah, at least you know how to fix it. It's one day at a time for me in my 90 year old house, everything was in poor shape but I'm turning things around little by little and still trying to have a life. Good luck with the repairs !


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            lots of folks don't get their home sewers inspected. Not sure why?
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              I did two the past 2 years and both times there were issues.

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            I didn't because there was no cleanout access and the whole sale was such a high-pressure short escrow and multiple bitters the house appraised for $20,000 more than what we bought it for work and the people were already moving to Hawaii So they wanted to move fast. Also the clean out that was outside was the cement box with the cast-iron lid and it had been slurried over with asphalt and slurry coat 3/4 of an inch The only way that I even knew that it would be there was I looked conveniently at a neighbors and saw that they had a clean out in concrete and that even though mine is asphalt I might have one there too so I found the depression got a hammer and a chisel and chiseled it all out found it and got into the line from there .honestly I thought about doing a camera inspection and contacting the H away to find out what my boundaries were what part of my sewer I was responsible for building drain, upper lateral, lower lateral but was swept up in the whole process and now I'm here. well I have a good story to tell my customers now as to why they should pay for that camera fee


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              No worries brah, youll get it fixed before long and put it all behind you, having your own place is a big deal in CA and not everyone is able to do it. Welcome to the major league!

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            Thanks , after the water damage guys cut out everything I'll get a fat check to remodel but wife is being a pain in *** so I'll just let them do everything and she can deal with it not my problem, then I'll drain our savings for her new car to pay for backhoe and asphalt repair or shooting a liner skrew getting all stressed trying to make things nicer I'm just gonna get done with it then pressure her to go back to work ( my son is 1 ) in a year or so or just live with house as it is , a windfall like this comes once in a life time and if she's gonna freak out about a lengthy project I'll wipe my hands and be done


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              And another reason I stay single.

              Good luck Brother.

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            Good luck on your ventures sir sorry about the chitty day man. It sucks a few of us have flooded before not cool at all. But they did fix everything and basically updated the whole house in the process ,that was the only upside to the whole thing. Best wishes brother


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              Merry Christmas all , if this is bad I have real quality problems , healthy kids , pretty wife & while sometimes I wish I had a police/firefighter job or big $$$$ white collar job I am very greatful to do plumbing and live in America


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                10-4, we are indeed blessed in this country