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k-1500 cables

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  • k-1500 cables

    Are all the 1 1/4" cables for the 1500 hollow core?
    Pear style cutters available for it?

    Hollow core 1 1/4 seems kinda wimpy compared to Eel cables with an inner core.

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    There is a plastic hollow core 1.25 Ridgid cable though I know nothing about it. If I were to get 1.25 cables I would go with eel so the drill would also be an option as well as that nifty k60 on steroids. There are people who use eel cables in the k1500 so I don't see how this other machine should be any different.


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      ridge has c-11 cables with plastic core. eel cables are very heavy and harder to drive on long runs.what are you looking for do you want a stiffer cable ? the c11 cables are the most flexible another cable that is not as flexible is c-15 it is a little stiffer then c-11 but weights less and costs less, if you want a stiffer cable go to c-14 Marvin


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        I just wanted general information but thanks Marvin.