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Flushable kitty litter

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  • Flushable kitty litter

    Didn't know it was out there.
    This mornings job, on my way there soon.

    Flushed down the toilet, so the customer says.
    Could be fun.

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    I guess it's the same idea of flushable wipes! I went to costco this summer and there was a woman displaying "new" flushable wipes. I told to her it was great because I would get a lot of work from that. Funny thing when they argue hard core and say flushable on the box. It must be true!

    I also get many comment that draino unglogs pipes when I'm there and have to cable their line. It doesn't make sense I know. They are the professional between us without ever using a drain machine.


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      It flushes, doesn't it, so the statement is true,
      so they all there NOT telling one, is it will plug up the sewage pipes, but it does flush,
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
      "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."
      attributed to Samuel Johnson
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        Got it done, thankfully no big deal.

        So while I'm doing that my buddy calls and asks me if I'm afraid of snakes.

        Long story short there was a line FULL of gardener snakes.
        I hope to have video later.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	snake in line.PNG
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            The picture is from the camera of Ben from Marvel Sewer and Drain.

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            How did they get in? Did you get them out?


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              Ben was hired to only find out where they were coming from.
              I showed up to help about nine minutes in.
              Check out the snake getting mad at the camera at about 9 minutes in.
              Read the whole thread for answers.



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                You know if i went head to head with that snake, i would have Whacked him to pieces.

                phoebe it is


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                  Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
                  You know if i went head to head with that snake, i would have Whacked him to pieces.


                  Isn't that forbidden in the great state of California?


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                    Peta will do you in

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                  With all the rocks and dirt in that main something has to be broken. At one point towards the end of the video where there's a pile of dirt , looks like there's a twin cleanout. Perhaps it for covered up with a hole in the he lid? I've seen before where an outdoor cleanout without a cap on it got covered up by a concrete pad for an outdoor ac unit. Maybe itsi something like that letting snakes in. Also there's another spot y'all said looks broken. To me that particular spot appears to be a fernco coupling that was put in without the pipes butted up together. Seen several times where people did this to make slight angles in the line. Sucks when people do that because there are better options. No one should be so lazy or cheap that they can't use an 11 bend every once in a blue moon.

                  Did y'all wind up running the line?


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                    Your right Cable. I've looked at that several times and there must be a reason all those rocks are there.
                    Tough pushing and never did get to the end.

                    Thinking now of a smoke test. We did a die test but no results.

                    We were a bit wound up with all the snakes.
                    They were everywhere. Ben took one home for his son.

                    These are floor drains running through horse barns and shops dumping out to two holding
                    tanks that overflow into a pond through a culvert.

                    When the water is high the snakes may be swimming upstream.
                    Smoke may tell.

                    Killing them with the clog dog would be messy.

                    Wondering if there's something to repel them and scare them away.