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Time for a real jetter

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  • Time for a real jetter

    So here?s the scoop, I still work for a company but am trying to start my own thing , I get a lot of referrals from other guys for drains and have a couple restaurants that need basic jetting 3 times a year. I don?t have a service van but a large lifted truck (can?t change that right now)
    ive narrowed it down to
    ridgid kj3100 - $7500
    brute - Downt want to quote their prices but with the auto reel and a few other things it?s a few grand more
    or I rig up a 4gpm or 5.5 and get some reels etc
    roughly 5g but that?s gonna be a lot of random parts I really just want a all in one Purpose driving machine
    so I thought about a folding ramp with electric winch 1k lb to load it (kj3100 = 300lbs, brute = 500lbs <fml )
    im gonna have to take out a loan but have at least 4k worth of work this year and hopefully can sell some things I don?t use anymore for another 2k
    does this sound insane to try to load a 500lb machine into a lifted truck?
    my goal is to have something that will help me when I start on my own generate more jobs
    fyi I will be getting a transit or sprinter

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    Talk to the folks at amazing machinery, around that price range ,they can make you a trailer jetter...I think they finance as well...not trying to step on any toes here,and dont mean to infringe on a ridgid site...but their jetter ain't bad...I bought a 40/40 3 yrs ago still starts up 1st or second pull....but stay away from their cameras,just not durable enough.


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      I only use ridgid cameras , I have the compact with b/w monitor and a mini color reel with cs10 and dvdpak2, & I cant park a trailer anywhere , this will go in my garage