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Stolen seesnake and serial numbers.

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  • Stolen seesnake and serial numbers.

    Going to meet with a guy to look at a seesnake, I want to make sure it's not hot before I buy there a way to contact a rep prior to me buying it to verify the serial number? I dont want that kind of bad karma around me...

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    Over here you buy it in good faith it's yours. That's why pawn shop can take anything without fearing the cops.


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      i would think that if it's been reported stolen and serial numbers were reported, then the factory service would have a record of it in their system.

      Try calling Ridgid c/s with the numbers and see if they can direct you.

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        I've called ridgid cs number spoke with a lady. Gave her the serial number. She told me the model number and the build date or sold date... all came back clear. So I bought it.... I didnt realize how big the standard size is....I was so use to my blk n white small mini that this thing is a giant compared to it . 200' self leveling color, just got to get a color monitor...Maybe a toolbox for easy viewing. When I plug into the rca jack on my other monitor there seems to be a lag or distortion in the picture idk if it's the monitor I'm using or that's just the quality of the video out through rca...


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          The old monitors where designed to work with the small Count odometer, the newer reals with the countplus will operate with the old monitors but will not be right, lag, overlays etc. Best deal is to get a cs-6 with usb.
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            so what happens if you send back something for repair and it comes up "not yours" ? do they confiscate it?

            ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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              That i dont know...I would assume so....according to the gentleman I purchased it from ,he swears it's his dad's. Along with all of his other tools he was selling. Breaker hammers,drills saws, generators, threaders I hope it would be legit.