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  • Ridgid Instagram teaser

    Anyone see that? Looks like they finally have a shaft cleaner coming?!?!

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    At the Ridgid Road show at my supply hoses a local rep showed me a couple of pictures of a ridgid carrier that had flex cable in it there were two models with different lengths of cable almost looked like a camera. It does not have a motor you use a battery or electric drill to run it.


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      Any idea on price yet?


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        Could this be the Ridgid Whacker? Possibly?

        phoebe it is


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          As you probably guessed by the date on the video, we will be doing demonstrations at WWETT (Booth #1245.) Please stop by if you are making the trip. If not, I am sure pictures and videos will make their way out. Hope everyone is doing well.


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            Very exciting. Hopefully Ridgid. or someone can upload some videos for us overseas folks.

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          If you nee someone to field test a unit, I can give it a work out. I do commercial , industrial, and lots of root infested residential lines that we give a 2 year guarantee on.
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            Working in one of the hilliest cities around, I can say Flex Shaft has been a wonderful addition to my kit. I have one plumbing firm I work for, that seem to get all the really bad access calls. I'm talking parking thats 100'- 300' from the access path, then the same again or more to the house up hill or down a hill at a 30 - 45 degrees climb or accent over steps, bush etc.

            I also do a heap of commercial terrible parking access, the jobs several stories up - not much fun dragging jetter hoses up service ducts several stories.

            Before Flex Shaft I would literally have to drag a auger or hose all that way to do the job & you'd feel like you just run a marathon, now if I know its not a great distance to the blockage, I can usually clear it with FS in minutes & save my body a whole lot of pain.

            Whilst I use Flex Shaft, its either my home made version or short lengths I bought when first trying to learn what can be done & I would love to get a machine to keep it all tidy as well as hold more cable.

            Can't speak for any snow/frozen places (maybe Pro Service can test one for Ridgid up his way) but if Ridgid's machine passes all the work I do in New Zealand, then it should be a good machine.

            I am going to look at the Clog Dog, but will wait to see what Ridgid puts out before deciding on my first machine.
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              Thank you for the article, I am also having some instagram problems, how can I enlarge my instagram profile picture.