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    I enjoy mine. I had the k39af and really did not like it.
    This acts more like a sectional machine, since I have to feel/fed it down the drain and back. A lot more control.
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      Saw these guys at the Standard Plumbing tool show in Salt Lake. I was skeptical. He said they have a dont like return policy. I thought what the heck and tried...turns out it beats my general pistol rodder all day every day. The idea is so simple its kinda stupid. Surprised it hasnt been done before.

      Im wondering if any one with spartan m81 or ridgid k40 has tried this? Id like to see how it compares to these smaller floor machines. Still kinda want a m81...color scheme makes me want to wear a Christmas elf costume while carrying it around!Lmk thx
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        A one post Spam presentation.

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      I don't know about anyone else but I feel this thread is promoting a product offered by the OP and as such is not in keeping with what is acceptable here.

      When someone we don't know comes on here and does the same thing, everyone jumps on it as SPAM on their first post and the thread is usually deleted and the poster is banned. Other than the OP is someone who has been here for a years how is this any different?

      If I posted a product I developed on here you guys would all be OK with that?

      I don't know tenniselbow at all and nothing against him personally. I just don't see the difference between this and any other SPAM that you all are so quick to protest and report, and sometimes even complain when it's not removed within hours of being reported.
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        You're right, ergo auger is now a commercial venture. I won't do again.
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