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  • Favourite Jetter Nozzles

    with so many Nozzle's on the market have any drain cleaner's out There got a preference and why
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    I really like the JetAxe nozzle. Not just because I designed it either. Instead of a rounded nose on the front, it has a head like and axe so it can open up a blockage really quickly. It has a recessed front jet and 6 rear jets at 20 degrees for maximum thrust

    The Grease Ball is kinda cool too! And the Root Ranger, and the Rootex.... now you have me rambling :-)

    Check out some videos here

    JetAxe NozzleClick image for larger version

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    Regards, Bill

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      I have a couple of small penetrators and then I follow with the root ranger with so many different nozzles out there I was wondering if any other plumbers had favourites and why, I was thinking about getting a warthog for getting around tight gullies ext
      Tasmanian Plumber living the dream


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        Where do you even buy the RootRanger?


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          Tasmanian Plumber living the dream