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Seesnake Flex Shaft Machine

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  • Seesnake Flex Shaft Machine

    I've converted one of my large seesnake camera reels into a custom seesnake flexshaft machine, AKA Picote, Renssi, Rick-Wacker, Whack-Attacker, Wickitty-Wackitty-Whacker, Etc.

    Don't think I'm allowed to share details since it seems to be kind of a top-secret project going on from what I've seen, I got lots of good tips from Rick, JFDI and few others so decided to try it out myself and it evolved from there, first tried just using the flex shaft cable and drill and it worked pretty good but had lots of problems with it doing Jobs at customers homes so I don't recommend you doing the same thing I did, I've experimented with lots of different parts and things also spent a lots of time and money into the project into making it work good

    If anyone's interested saving thousands from buying the real flex shaft machine like a Picote or Zip-Zip or Clog Dog and converting a seesnake or other type of camera reel should work into a flex shaft machine you can PM me and I'll give you more details.

    Here's a pic of the prototype, few more modifications done on it so it looks and works a lot better now, it has a fast and strong electric drill with a clutch also air foot pedal and wired through internally and will clean a mainline with heavy root intrusions all the way out to 100 feet easily with no problems!

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    I sent you a PM tell us more about your flex shaft? I am interested