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Zip Zip Flex shaft

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  • Zip Zip Flex shaft

    Anyone try the Zip-Zip flex shaft? Price looks good just wondering if the product is any good????
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    Are you thinking about the machine setup or just the shaft w/plastic jacket ? ... Over at the Plumbing Zone forum big Ben (aka) Gear Junkie offers his opinion ( not so good ) on the Zip-Zip.


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      just the shaft w/plastic jacket but they dont answer their phone so I`m not to sure I want something where I wont be able to get service from.


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        The company's located in Montreal QC ... Don't know how Covid 19 effected the office hrs but one of there web sites office hrs may vary .. anyway I did e-mail them asking them for a price on there 1/2" -125 ' replacement with " t " slot fittings at 50' therefor I have a 50 ' and 75' I can couple together if I needed to go further.

        One thing I noticed is that they have a Harbor Freight warranty on there cables only 90 days ... don't know if that's the industry standard.

        I also checked Clog Dogs site ( clog squad ) don't seem like they sell the Clog Dog anymore ... I guess RIDGID muzzled them with there K-9 306. I'll let you know when Drain Rehab contacts me with a price.


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          Stay tuned. Clog dog may rise again.


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            I tried to talk to Ben aka Gear Junkey but his head exploded and he thought he needed $300 to shoot the ****. I lmao and he blocked me. You can sure tell he's from California damn liberals... LMAO


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              I'd pay plumber rick before I ever gave Ben 1 dime....
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                Don't bring your feud with Ben here.
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