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  • Covid and you

    I have had 4 jobs this week that didnt tell me they had Covid till I was done. I`m gonna end up in jail on #5 as I`m gonna knock them out. How many have you had?

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    I have never ask any of my customers where Covid + so I really don't know how many .... I have been asked taken temp and signed document for some commercial clients of mine... suppose I should start asking ... I be pretty PO'd if they told me they where + after job completion and not before .... I have them arrested.

    I have since Feb of this year taken all the precautions not to spread it ( or contract it ) including sanitizing my equipment but noticed this summer some of my customers stop wearing face mask .. not me though . I've been tested several times as a precaution as where either my wife or daughter had close contact with the ppl they work with tested + .. So far my results and there's come back negative knock on wood .

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      "Be careful out there" takes on a whole new meaning this year doesn't it? It's a PITA no doubt and expensive but it's worth it to protect yourself and your family.
      I agree that really sucks people don't tell you until the job is done. They probably guess (and rightly so) that you might not come if you know beforehand. But that doesn't excuse their deceptive behavior. I hope none of you get sick.

      Glad I am retired and can stay home most of the time. I have lots I would like to be doing but some of it is too risky right now and not time critical so it can wait. I do miss seeing my grandkids though, they are both starting school this year. Last time I saw them both was Christmastime last year.
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        Yes, please be careful when going contacting or going into someone's home. My wife and I have had one service call on our furnace and last week I had a guy come over to look at a roof issue on the garage. Neither asked, but I ask them and in both cases I had masks ready for them if they hadn't already been wearing them.

        I doubt that they would have been honest with you even if you had asked. Too many people seem to have lost their manners and their honesty.

        In our daily activities we always wear a mask and gloves and have been doing so this very early March. Everything that we buy get's taken to the garage and cleaned before it is brought into the house and things that are inconvenient to clean gets left out there for several days before I bring it in. In addition, we change our outer clothes. Covid 19 is nasty and at our age I'm taking no risk and certainly don't want to pass anything on to others.

        Please be safe and take care that you don't contract something from those less brave than you,



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          I ask AND REQUIRE masks, keep away from me. I will approach you if necessary. I've a couiple of instances where I could work from outside and had the client run water for me
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            A week ago's job called me and canceled because they had Corona.


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              Please be careful next time and stay safe!


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                I'm sorry to hear that and i hope you're in good health right now. Always protect yourself even not at work 'cause we don't know who's people have the virus.

                Take care, Mate!

                Joe from Amarillo Drywall Contractors