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  • Flex Shft and you

    I`m seeing so many broken flex shafts on facebook it`s crazy. Glad I gave up on it it as fast as I did. I could see it wasnt all they claimed it was right off.
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    All those pics on FB are posted by greenhorns .... That flex shaft in the pic is a victim of torsional deflection , that's why it unraveled .

    Unlike a regular drain cable in which has high tensile strength a flex shaft has rotational strength and should be operated at high speed . And I see a lot of the wet ends on flex shafts not soldered or welded which could lead to the unwinding .

    When using a flex shaft you have to be in a different mindset ( opposed to using a drum cable ) and are not designed to plow through stoppages but rather to be use as a finishing tool to scrape the walls of a pipe at high speed but like most things takes time and practice to master .


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      Using my c-10 cable with my drill seems to do just as good of job as flex shaft and easy to push down well over 100`


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        I got over a 100' of Eel " J " cable .. mine have a 3/8 " inner core and comes in 6 ' lengths ( Eel also offers a heavy duty 1/2 " inner core ) . What I was planning to do cut one down just leaving a short piece the inner core and attach my 3/8" Picote 4-6 " chain knocker , problem is it's attached to my self made flex shaft and I must of used the wrong loctite on the grub screws and they won't back out ( Grrr ) .

        I figured I just buy another but no one seems to have them in stock . I was on planning to run them without a outer jacket but until I get a knocker for the Eel whacker it's on the back burner .


        • Cable or root
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          Do you use the j cable for mains or just secondary lines? Does j cable use the same 1 1/4 heads or are the 7/8 different from the 1 1/4?

        • drainman scott
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          I mainly use them for 2 " commercial kitchen floor drains & inside mains through a closet bend ... There is a special adapter to connect to 1 1/4 " Eel L connectors ... Without the adapter the cutter sets for J cable are not inter connectable with 1 1/4 " Eel ... I have run Eels 1 1/4 " bulb head for 3 - 4 " PVC with the adapter with J cable .

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        I own one of the original Clog Dogs. I bought it because normal cables are hole punchers.
        I could open up a line and put in my camera and be Horrified at what was still in there.

        If a line has heavy roots you need to open it up with something else.
        It's much like a K-60 as only good for light - medium roots.

        Another feature is it can go into smaller cleanouts.

        Using Flexshaft in a main line without a camera is simply not using it to its capacity.

        I would never buy another Flexshaft (unless it was a good deal) but I would make one!


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	image_24249.jpg
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Size:	3.57 MB
ID:	747137 This works as good if not better for roots Will go 150` with no problem unlike flex shaft.


          • fixitright
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            The camera never lies.

          • All Clear Sewer
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            if you have been at it long enough you can feel whats happening with your hands and hear it with your ears