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CIPP Spot Repair ?

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  • CIPP Spot Repair ?

    Got a call from my inlaws last week about a terrible sewer smell coming from a crawl space . After inspection I determined that the drain was backed up and coming out of a crack in the cast iron exiting the foundation.

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    Where the line exits it runs under a slab of a addition to the house about 30 ' into a septic tank and about 8 ' out past the addition . Not knowing the condition of the line under the slab I jetted the drain to open it as opposed to cabling .

    Before patching the split I plugged the end of the drain going into the tank and ran water till it came out of the split ... and after about an hour didn't notice any water drop in which tells me that water is staying in the line and not seeping through additional cracks.

    I patched the cracks with some hydraulic cement and metal and some clamps ( good for the time being ) .

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    Eventually it needs a permanent repair and would be a candidate for CIPP. Should the whole line be lined or just spot repair of the bad section exiting ? I did run a camera up the line and couldn't see any cracks or separations.

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    Old cast so I`d line all the way to the tank. They have a spray liner I`ve been looking at thats pretty cool.


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      The cast runs about 10 ' out under slab and transitions to 4 " schedule 40 PVC to the tank .... There is not much of a difference in cost ( got a 4k estimate ) to go all the way compared to about 10 ' spot lining .

      I've seen the spray liners online demo's and wonder if the sprayed is the same thickness as the tube .


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        I`ve never seen how thick it is but I`m sure you could do a build up if you sanded it between coats but then you are choking the line down.