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  • Corona delays

    So the first week of year i placed an order for a new k5208. I was told it would be at my doorstep second week of February. Get a call last week saying ridgid is so far behind that they cant say when id be able to get it... On one hand I understand and at least I’m not in a bind but its still frustrating to see. Has anyone else experienced this with their orders? Good news is the eel cable I ordered is set to ship out next week.

    on another note i was thinking maybe ill get in on the spring fling deal, but im not seeing anything pop up online for this year. Is ridgid dropping the spring fling program as well? Has anyone heard anything about it?

    Hope y’all are having a good winter
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    At least they were good enough to give you a heads up beforehand and you didn't have to chase them down three days after it was supposed to arrive.
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      I had a really long delay with them replacing some batteries for me due to some of them being back ordered.
      I called them in late November and they said they were shipping out new batteries for me. By late December they still hadn't arrived so I called again. They said they were resending the order to the warehouse or something. By late January they still hadn't arrived so I called again. This time they told me the reason my order was held up was because the 4ah. batteries they're supposed to send are on back order and they don't ship partial orders. She told me they were going to upgrade those to 6ah. Octane batteries and ship the order. Less than a week later I finally got new batteries.
      If I didn't have a half dozen spares I would have been really annoyed, haha.


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        I've had similar problems with General wire (Brain Drains).


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          At least your Eels are going to be shipped ... I have not heard anything about 2021 spring fling ... Hope it's on thinking about C-40 or M with true sense ... RIDGID has in the past given a free Scout with purchase that I could always sell to offset the cost of the SEE SNAKE .


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            I had many problems getting my milwaukee M18 sewer machine. ( have it now and I`m a happy camper ) I think people are just using Covid to set blame on something other then them self.


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	promo 6.jpg
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              I got this from a e-mail sent by AJ Coleman /Cleaner Mag so it looks like there having there spring promo .


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                I was hoping they'd have a better promo for the k9-306.


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                  I've had similar experience when I ordered something online. But thanks God it was shipped in good condition even though it was delayed.


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                    Both of my suppliers have limited inventory.
                    I'm down to 30' of 5/8" cable but still have 90" of 7/8"
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                      Just got word the other day that they should be able to ship by the end of April. As far as 5/8 goes maybe try amazon? I have 130’ of 5/8 coming from there Tuesday.