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  • K9-102

    Ive been thinking hard about pulling the trigger on the k9-102. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews on it from its great it’s a game changer, to its a waste of money. Thought I would ask you guys your opinion. I would like to start with the 102 and move up to the 204. If I do what chains should I get with it? Are the ones that come with it any good ? I’m new to flexshaft never used it before but I’m ready to try. Thanks in advance !!!

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    I myself found flex shaft to be a waste of money. My cable machines will do anything I need


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      Depends on how you use it. I built all my own setups, my friend has the 102 and 204 since the came out. He is just truly getting used to them. It's a different animal and takes time . I don"t know if bergen county is one of the areas in Jersey that has house traps but... if they do I'm sure you can see the benefit in that alone with properly sized flexshaft. I have done things with chain set-ups that I def. couldn't do with a cable machine in the amount of time I did. At that price point its worth giving it a shot and seeing if it's for you.


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        I have a Clog Dog. It does what I want it for and that's a camera clean 4-6 inch line. Not good for lots of wipes or real heavy roots, if needed first I use
        the Dreel. You must use a camera to get its full potential. Just one more tool in the truck.