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Good story- had to share here-plastic pipe

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  • Good story- had to share here-plastic pipe

    I answered plumb zone question about which cement to use on plastic--after re-reading next day thought it needs to be here -many good plumbs.

    I was summer help pre apprentice in '68 on the Wayne State Medical center (Detroit). Plastic pipe rep came out and showed my journeyman ( traveler 70 yr old who ran for governor of Arkansas in 40's). The demo was for a toilet battery vent only 2". I watched carefully. "prime pipe after removing burs, apply cement to fitting first, then pipe....push together...1/4 turn...hold 60 seconds together with firm pressure....after he left the governor never did the 1/4 turn and held for 10 seconds. The water test looked like a fountain with all joints leaking.
    Fast forward to job....GM plant Dayton Ohio for Forman Industries..Morrain engine i think....."You guys ever work on plastic conductors? Sure my partner said...also from Motown Local 98..."Good we get alot of leaks maybe cause its 10 inch conductors?"" So Larry starts the first joint prep sanding etc...I of course read the can of this time new 4th generation cement came out no holding 60 seconds required....but we must have got a load of the same 1st generation cement I was privy to in '68. The can said "....and hold 60 seconds>>" so the common issue in the trades is failure to not read the installation instructions...not to mention expired glue sitting in some trailer years bought by bean counters...we had no leaks but drug up when they told us we had to drive a drott and put the pipe up tooo"" We have operating engineers in Detroit" Larry told them...."weell in Dayton we do the crane operating...said Mr forman.. The simple point is your question on which glue??? The answer is in the manufacturers instructions, and with the internet a simple phone call to the manufacturer or their trade organization for guidance. You could have mixed brands of fittings and pipe etc....Hope this steers u in the right direction.