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  • That's One Tough Snot

    I got called yesterday for a toilet that wasn't flushing properly ... The homeowner augered the toilet replaced flapper , handle and inlet valve .

    After looking at the picture of the tank sent by the homeowner I told him that the blue cake cleaner in tank clogs the holes under the rim that creates a vortex for the toilet to flush and he's better off just replacing ... I have in the past tried cleaning the rim holes and main jet hole with a piece of wire or use CLR for mineral buildup but it's hit or miss and he wanted all heroic efforts to save his toilet.

    When I got there and flushed I knew the problem was the water was not getting to the bowl to the point that the flapper was unable to close . So I dick'd around with it for about an hour any finally got the home owner to agree with a replacement of course the supply house is closed so off to the big box store.

    After a successful install I smashed the old toilet open to find out the obstruction and in the pic one long snot around the whole rim preventing it to flush.

    Click image for larger version

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    Had that happen once with a toilet Universal Rundle from Sears