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K-50 Adapter Chattering Video

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  • K-50 Adapter Chattering Video

    New K-50 with A17 Adapter starts to make a chattering noise when in neutral. It seems like the axis of the adapter tube or brake cone is misaligned with the axis of the shaft in body of the K-50.

    It doesn't seem right so I made a video and am asking you guys what you think. Is it normal? Chattering like that will take it's toll on something. Is it fixable?

    Anyhow, here is my video, let me know what you think.

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    In this photo I wanted to show that it took a 1/8" piece of insulated wire at 6:00 to shim the adapter bracket so that the adapter lined up with the shaft on the K-50. That's with the plunger pin seated and the set screws and thumbscrews tight.

    I'm not trying to be critical of Ridgid, the K-50 has been working for people for a long time, I'm just hoping for a better understanding of my machine and maybe a better solution.


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      That sound doesn't seem right .... I don't have a adapter for mine so I can't compare ... I would call RIDGID @ 1-800-4 RIDGID and ask for technical support . They can look at the video and see what they say .


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        Thank you Scott. I contacted Ridgid, they are going to try to help. Will let you know if I learn anything.