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    Looking to add a cart jetter to my slowly growing drain cleaning arsenal. I have a K-60 that I absolutely love but I would like a jetter as well just to have more options. I'm looking to be able to jet lines from 2-4 inch. Need to be able to run at least 200'. I figured I'd go straight to the source and ask you guys for any specific recommendations that would hopefully fit my needs. Thanks in advance!

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    I use a gas powered cart jetter , mainly to jet out septic system leach fields ... I bought mine over 20 yrs ago from Water Cannon ( out of Florida ) 13 hp @ 4.5 gpm .

    Most here on this site either have truck mounted or trailer jetters ... Here's a link on this forum that might provide some helpful info .


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      Thanks for the link Scott, I've tried reading through the site with the keyword jetter and previously read that. I was just hoping there would be a few guys on here in a similar situation to me that had recommendations on specific units or ones to avoid.


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        What are you jetting? Sludge and grease or roots?

        200' could be very difficult with bends and cast iron.

        You want to be able to remove it from.your truck and run it outside as needed. My first large cart jetter I've had since the 90s is 18hp, 5.6 gpm 3500 psi.

        phoebe it is


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          I'll mostly be jetting roots with the occasional grease/sludge buildup in a kitchen line. Most of the sewers I run into around here are around 120' or so. Mostly cast transitioning to clay with the occasional orangeburg line as well. I was hoping to have a machine that I could load onto the van as needed instead of doing a skid mounted unit that would be in my way more often than not. I appreciate all of the wisdom this site provides!


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            You could get a brute from jetters northwest. They do 9gpm 4000psi. It will set you back 10,000-11,000 cam spray has some cheaper less powerful options.


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              I'll definitely have to check out that brute, that flow seems pretty decent. I assume a higher flow rate than 4 gpm would be ideal for most instances? Any opinions on the JM-3080? It's advertised as 8 gpm at 3000 psi with a 20 hp engine. I'm not in any rush to buy a jetter but I would like to have a pretty solid idea so I can pull the trigger whenever.