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K400 1/2” cable tree root attachment

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  • K400 1/2” cable tree root attachment

    First off I know the K400 is not ideal for tree roots. I purchased to use at home as I have a root problem every fall and I am sick of the inconvenience of renting an auger every year.

    The root problem is only a few feet down the cleanout in a 3” pipe so I think I can get the K400 to do the job as long as I am patient.

    Having a hard time finding an attachment (either a spiral or sawtooth) designed for roots that fits the 1/2” cable for this machine. I would like a 3” attachment but finding that they are only available for 5/8” cable. Any help finding a part or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    If I remember right all the 1/2 cable ends were the same as the k-60 7/8ths. But I could be wrong.
    Or maybe it was the k-50.


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      You can get a aftermarket ( not RIDGID ) 3" spiral bit cutter over on e-bay that will fit the 5/8" RIDGID end .... ermas14 is one of a few sellers that offer one.