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  • K-75 Questions...???

    K-75 Questions...???
    I have the Ridged K-75 sectional drain cleaning machine. I currently have two carriers of the C-10 hollow core cable, which is the equivalent of 200 ft. I have never used this machine before, having been used to a Grolitz drum machine. I purchased it used. I really have a lot of questions and would appreciate any answers that any of you could provide.

    Does anyone know what this (K-75) excels at?

    What are the ideal kinds of applications to put it to; with the existing C-10 cable?

    I realize that this cable is not the best for root cutting, especially at a distance. Could I cut roots with it at; say, up to 60 ft.?

    Can this C-10 cable be put through commercial floor drains with P-traps? I expect most of these lines would be 3 or 4 inch.

    Can this C-10 cable be put into 2 inch kitchen lines? If so; through a cleanout only or also through a 90 degree bend at the wall?

    This seems like a sort of mid machine, which on the surface appears versatile, but seems to have some compromises too. The C-10 cable seems awfully slinky, which I am not used to. Any tips for working with this sort of cable?

    Is there any advantage to working with a sectional machine? I have always worked with a rotating drum. I am concerned that; because of the clutch mechanism; the cable isn't spinning while I push it into the line. Therefore it seems like it wont be cleaning the pipe, along the way; but rather only when it is in one place. This would also make it harder to push through a line, wouldn't it? I don't get it!

    Any do's and definitely don't do's would be greatly appreciated.

    I was hoping to use this machine along with the K-39 to clean most drains that come up, in residential and commercial applications. Do these two machines constitute; being adequately prepared, for most situations that would come up?

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    K-75 Operator's manual
    The k-75 is designed to clean drain lines 2" to 4" in size. The machine is capable of a distance of 175 feet.

    This machine is popular for inside as well as outside work. The C-10 cable is a good general-purpose cable that can be used for roots as well as soft obstructions.

    You stated that you were more accustomed to drum machines, this will be quite a change for you. Drum machines tend to have stiffer cable and they turn at a much lower RPM than a sectional (K-75) machine does. By turning at such a low RPM the drum machine creates a tremendous amount of torque. You get the cutter into the obstruction and let the drum machine wind the cable up until it develops enough torque to rip up the obstruction.

    A sectional machine is the exact opposite. It cleans a drain by utilizing high RPM, (640 for the K-75) and low torque. As you probably have noticed, the cable only turns when the clutch handle is depressed. The way to advance this down the drain is to place the cable in to the drain, as you would with your drum machine, and then pull just a little bit more cable out of the machine to create a "hump" in the cable. Running the machine in forward, depress the clutch handle to cause the cable to spin. While the cable is spinning, push the down on the hump you created in the cable, this will advance the cable down the drain. Be careful you do not pull too much cable out of the machine, as this can be hard to control. Release the clutch and repeat the process to advance towards your obstruction. Once you have hit your obstruction, work the cable back and forth while it is spinning until you cut up whatever it is.

    Retrieving the cable is done the same way, just in reverse order. Grip the cable, pull it out of the drain while spinning, and then release the clutch and push the cable back in to the machine. **NOTE - Always run the machine in forward regardless if you are advancing or retrieving the cable**

    This is just a brief overview of the operation of a sectional machine give our technical service department a call at 800-519-3456 in order to get a copy of the K-75 operator's manual. They can give you some tips as well as get in touch with our training department to get you up to speed before you do your first job.

    I hope this helps out.