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Riser for my septic tank

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  • Riser for my septic tank

    Can anyone tell me what kind of materials i need to put a riser on my septic tank or is this something that varies under code from state to state.
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    You can buy pre-casted risers of various heights which are heavy and hard to deal with or buy one of the Zoeller risers which are plastic but well built and easy to deal with. As a matter of fact if you have more time then money you should be able to build your own as well but I think I would go with the Zoeller risers.

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      I agree with utah that the Zoeller risers would be the easiest solution. But like he also said, you could build your own. If there is no code restrictions where you live and I don't know of any that apply to such then either a brick and mortar or poured concrete homemade riser would be pretty easy to make and not very expensive.

      Be sure to make a safe cover if you build your own. I could not think of a more horrible way to go than to fall into and drown in a septic tank. I'd rather be eaten by a bear.
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        chic, sure hope that your slow tub wasn't because the septic tank was full

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        phoebe it is


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          think i paid $12 on amazon Septic system owners manual by lloyd kahn, blair allen,julie jones. tons of pop on pop, and funny
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