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  • Drain Cleaning Equipment Selection

    I am the owner of a veterinary clinic, and as you can guess we have a lot of hair and animal waste going down the drains.

    My question is what type of equipment would you recommend for drain maintenance? The drains that I plan to clean are 3"-4" black pipe (with traps), as well as occasionally 1 3/4" copper pipe (with traps).

    If possible I would like a single piece of gear to do all those drains. If that is not a good idea, then I'll just have to live with it.

    Looking at the Rigid products, I am thinking that one of these might fill the bill:

    *K-380 Drum Machine
    *K-3800 Drum Machine

    *K-39 Sink Machine

    What do you think? Any advice you might have will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.