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Best Electric Drain Cleaner for Smaller Jobs?

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  • Best Electric Drain Cleaner for Smaller Jobs?

    I posted this on the Experts Forum too, but am hoping for more opinions:
    I manage about 100 units (apartments). I have been using a Ridgid K-40 for the past several years to handle clogged tubs and sinks. I have actually been fairly disappointed at the quality of the machine as several parts of it have broken or fallen apart. This past week, something in the eletrical system died and the machine won't work at all. I'd like to replace it with something and I'm looking at the General Super V, the Ridgid drill type, the Ridgid K-50 and the Milwaukee drill type. I need a machine that is portable (i.e. a guy can carry up 5 flights of stairs without getting a hernia..the K-40 was at the absolute upper limit in terms of weight), powerful, reliable, sturdy and that can handle at least two cable sizes and ideally one that can change cables quickly. Self/power feeding would be nice, but one guy told me to stay away from self-feeding with any smaller machine. Also, the machine needs to be easily operated by just one guy. I don't need a machine that will also handle the sewer lines as I'll call a local plumber for that. Finally, how can I get my K-40 fixed? Many thanks.

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    a k-39pf would come in handy


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      i had a stoppage today on a 2nd floor shower that had not been used for 13 years. the ceiling below the shower ( kitchen ceiling) had been cut open by others to locate a leak. the 2'' no hub piping was split on 2 separate locations. i was working above the kitchen sink and wall mounted cabinet in the soffit space. after attempting to snake the line from the shower with a k-39 and k-50 i had no luck as the cable appeared to go up the vent. i then used a pvc hose connected to the piping in the ceiling to allow for snaking from the kitchen sink area and not above the cabinets in the soffet. then i ran a 5/8'' k-50 sectional cable up the hose into the 2'' no hub then into the 1.5'' gal. durham line. i knew that if i can get to the san tee, i would be able to clear the line since i already got to this point from the shower.

      to make a long story shorter, if it wasn't for the k50 with the 5/8'' cable and auger, i would be cutting out the ceiling to get to the tee. remember this stoppage was a line that has hardened for 13 years. the grown up daughter told me it never drained when she lived there. the k-39 doesn't have the power or cable selection to clean a drain like this. i do use the 2 different k-39's, but for real cleaning on tuff jobs, the k-50 is the way to go. the amount of rust and grit that was removed was very impressive.

      to sum it up, a k-39 is basically the hand held version of the k-40 that you are replacing. the k-50 is a real tool, not a toy like the k-40 or auto spin

      phoebe it is


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        gotta agree with plumber rick here. i'd sorta be a dumbass not to . i have a k-50 with 2 different drums and the 5/8 sectional. the 5/8 gets the most work and does a killer job. nicely portable and a true workhorse.

        the k-39 was pretty much a waste of money.

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