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    I have a place in Northern Az. that I'm upgrading the leach field on. I'm very confused about the different style of pipe I've encountered. Standard ABS pipe doesn't fit anything in my leach field. A vendor told me I need to puchase SDR 35 pipe that he says is schedule 35. I looked at the pipe and it is not a schedule 35. No SDR pipe fittings, fit on ABS pipe. There is also a pipe called NDS. Why isn't ABS used in the leach field? Why wouldn't the SDR and NDS pipe remain a standard o.d size? What about glue?

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    1.4” SCD 35 pipe is about 4.210 OD
    2.ABS is an acronym for a long name Acitate….Buytal….Styrene. I did not go and look it up.
    3.SDR 35 can be scd 35
    4.NDS is a brand name of pipe, I think.
    5.Glue is a topic that can be a problem. Some codes do not allow ABS and PVC to be glued together. There is a glue available that can be used on both. I think this means you could glue them together. The code issue comes in to play when there is pressure on the inside of the pipe. In lateral system there will be very little pressure.


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      sdr is the standard here where i am located at and code allows us to connect abs to the sdr and use sdr even for the c/o as long as we use a transition glue for the glueing of the abs to sdr and i have found that the sdr is a lot tougher then the abs is when backfilling over sdr i havnt seen one pipe crush but the abs will as for why i dont have a clue hope maybe that helps some


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        Styrene is commonly used in leech fields because it comes from the factory with holes on each side of the pipe that allow the whole pipe to fill up a third of the way throughout the whole length of the pipe before it leeches into the rock system. SDR 35 is totally fine pipe. I use both ABS and SDR regularly, but typically use SDR 35 becuse I find it easier to work with. I also hate using ABS cement. As far as the leech field upgrade goes, if code allows, I strongly reccomend Infiltrators. I think they are superior to rock systems and find their ease of installation to be unparelled,