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Run a k-60 backwards?

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  • Run a k-60 backwards?

    Has anyone seen the latest issue (August) of Cleaner magazine? On page 50 a "technition" from a company who I will not name was running a k 60 backwards (the piece that the guide hose attaches to was closest to the cleanout). I can see how a DIY might get confused but a "real plumber". Is this guy messed up or is there any advantage to what he was doing?
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    Re: Run a k-60 backwards?

    ben, i don't have that issue yet.

    but i did make that mistake 1 time

    if you run the machine in reverse the cable will then turn the proper direction with the cutter.

    there is an advantage if you need to run a guide hose up to an elevated clean out. then you will feed from the real front side.

    i guess i will try that trick when i have a remote clean out.

    can't wait for that issue. i'll go online to see

    phoebe it is