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K-60 Stopped Working

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  • K-60 Stopped Working

    My K-60 machine just stopped working today. Turned the switch to the "Forward" position and the motor seemed to be humming, but not turning. Then the sound stopped. No rotation, no sound, nothing. Checked the in-line breaker and it was on. Power going to the motor, but nothing. Seems like the motor just went out. Never had any smoke or funny noise coming from the machine though.

    I've had the machine for about 3 years. Only used it about 15 times with no problems. Are there any service centers where the machine can be fixed or am I better off buying a new one? Anyone else have this problem?

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    Re: K-60 Stopped Working

    Lawter Elec Motor Co
    202 Adams Ave
    WV ,25701
    TEL: 304-522-8297
    Fax: 304-523-9004

    Ohio Tool Systems Inc
    305 Jacobsen Drive
    WV ,25159
    TEL: 304-755-5030
    Fax: 304-755-5034

    or give TechService a call and see what they can do to help you. 1-800-519-3456


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      Re: K-60 Stopped Working

      Sounds like a simple electrical problem. Fixing it would be cheaper than buying a new one.

      Here's the link to find a service center in your area. On a side note, are you a K-60 hater trying to prove it might have a fault?Just kidding. Let us know how you make out.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: K-60 Stopped Working

        Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
        On a side note, are you a K-60 hater trying to prove it might have a fault
        Ricks gonna get ya for that one

        BTW.... nice talking to ya last night


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          Re: K-60 Stopped Working

          Thanks for the replies and service center info. I am working on getting my unit repaired by a local service center. As I am closer to Pittsburgh, that is the likely destination.

          For the record, I really like the K-60 machine and it has saved me uncounted hours by allowing me to clean the drains myself rather than sitting around waiting on Roto, not to mention the $$.

          I am also considering buying a pressure jet washer hose to use with my pressure washer. Those seem to do a great job on the "soft clogs" which is most of my problems.

          Thanks again!


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            Re: K-60 Stopped Working

            How are you coming with this? Is it getting fixed?


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              Re: K-60 Stopped Working

              Have you pushed the thermal overlaod button? It will reset the motor. It is located on the front of the machine. It is behind that allen screw. Just take out that allen screw and use your allen wrench to push the button. If that doesn't work then get it to a service center.