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    Hi there Rick,
    I see you guys over there are also blighted or should I say blessed by these "white mice" and baby wipes. I'd say they are the cause of 80% of blockages I clear over here in Cornwall. The other day I was clearing a 4" line with my K60 and on removing my 7/8 cable there was enough white mice to fill a large bucket. I took about 25mins to remove them from my cable ( I didnt see that many women around there )
    Last week the K60 saved my butt again when I was called to a posh hotel in Carlyon Bay, where I removed the remnants of 3 pairs of swim goggles and rubber straps from a jacuzzi, which some kids had decided to jam into one of the circulation inlets, which were sucked down into the impeller.
    today the K60 did it again - I had to unblock a gully for an indoor swimming pool pump room which wasnt allowing the pool to dump water, there was a myriad of various copper and poly pipes plumbed into the gully and only just enough space to get the 7/8 cable in - above all the closest I could get the machine to the gully was 3 ft away and had to arch the cable over all these pipes into the gully- (used the H cutter) and no problems - sorted again.
    Just before I go - thought I would leave you with this unusual request from this woman on the phone who went on to tell me she was a surgeon and was well acquainted in the art of endoscopy and did I have a larger version of one of these as she had lost her Jack Russel dog down a rabbit warren - another use for the drain camera!!
    Cheers for now
    Gary (Kernow)- cornish celtic word for Cornwall
    P.S still thinking of a name for my big boy

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    Re: K60 uses

    hi gary

    glad to see that the white mice are able to swim the atlantic and make it to your country

    baby wipes are also a huge problem here. i found that my ridgid innercore cable doesn't get as tangled in the windings of the cable. the innercore keeps it pretty clean.

    what cable to you use? innercore or open?

    phoebe it is


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      Re: K60 uses

      Hi Rick ..I agree with you there,because the old springs I used a few years ago (with ex-boss)(rothenberger)were harder to clean off.I'm mostlly using 7/8 with innercore at moment.
      Regards Gary