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We don't need no stinking K-60. (Job-Hole in One)

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    Re: We don't need no stinking K-60. (Job-Hole in One)

    Originally posted by Aaron91 View Post
    Thanks guys.

    Thanks for that Service Guy.

    Funny you bring that up. When I was brain storming how I wanted to do the job I sorta felt the homeowner getting worried. Then he asked "How old are you?" I thought ah **** here we go. I turn it into a guessing game. He guessed 21 and probably **** himself when he found out I was 17.

    I knew I had to complete this job, due to the fact that one General Contractor won't/rather not have me on the job due to my age.

    No, there's no insurance problems, he just don't like the fact that I'm only 17.
    Yea been there a few decades ago. New customers would walk past me when I was bringing in the equipment then ask Are you here by your self where's your dad. Or they would try to tell you how to do it( some still do that ) as they think you are too young to know anything. Just do it the way you know it has to be done. If they don't like it let them get someone else, sure beats listening to them and getting in a mess. You will get older fast enough then they will say need any help grandpa. You cant please everyone


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      Re: We don't need no stinking K-60. (Job-Hole in One)

      Good grab..Now go get my 60 outta the truck..Hurry up we don't have all day
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